Friday, April 6, 2012

Exploring HK: Disneyland

 Main Street USA
                        Decorated food stalls, your city hall, your costumed staff; everything is so real!


Is themed to resemble the remote jungles.

Celebrate the grand spectacle of the worldwide sensation, "The Lion King", as the animated film is transformed into a theatrical extravaganza. One of the attraction in Adventureland.


All futuristic games and thrilling rides are found here.

It's like an oversized world of Andy's backyard.
RC Racer
Space Mountain(located at Tomorrowland)

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

 Is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

Sleeping Beauty Castle
 Belle was talking to me and i was like whoa!
Royal Banquet Hall

It's a small world
Is a popular musical boat ride located in the Fantasyland Every doll represents countries around the world.


 Disney Parade
 Which disney princess are you?

       The Golden Mickeys

Roaming around the Disney was an amazing experience. Everyone was so friendly and pleasant. At night we watched the spectacular "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks. 

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