Saturday, April 7, 2012

Exploring HK: Disney Train + Mongkok

Disneyland has their own train. There are hidden mickeys on the handle and windows.

Street Food. Yum!

Really want to buy combat boots but it's quite pricey. :(
Shop signs lit up in all kinds of neon lights - just like what you see on postcards.

One of the most popular shopping street market in Hong Kong. But it is not true that they has very cheap prices but actually the prices there are quite expensive  and i don't see anything worth buying . I found the shopkeepers in this market extremely aggressive and unfriendly and I did not enjoy the shopping experience much. It turned out to be pretty disappointing for me. 


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  1. So beautiful post! Hong Kong has always been a place I wanted to visit! Would you like to stop by my blog and tell me what you think? Following you already here and on twitter :)