Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY Ombre Short


Step 1: Fill 3/4th of a large bucket with warm water. Add one to two medium bowls of bleach to the water. Stir the water thoroughly.

Step 2: Though 2 bowls of bleach is sufficient, you can vary the amount of bleach to be added depending upon how much white you want the outfit to be. But, make sure you don't exceed the quantity.

Step 3: Now, dip the denim in the bucket. Remember to open the folds before dipping and further spread it in the bucket properly. For this, it is best to use the biggest bucket available. Make sure that your jeans is completely soaked in the water and no part is left above water.

Step 4: Keep the denim soaked in this bleach solution for about 1hour. Also, you can increase or decrease the soaking time according to the desired whiteness.

Step 7: Once the needed time is over, remove the denim from the bucket. Rinse the bleach off with cold water. See if any area is left unbleached. If yes, you can keep it as it is and have a nice pattern.

Hope you liked this tutorial! :)

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